A chair, a cup, a table and a person/my kitchen – The Sketchbook Series #4

I had a lot of time on my hand this week, so I not just finished my sketchbook page(s), but made some other drawings while listening to “Das Spiel der Könige” by Rebecca Gablé (listening to audio books while drawing is something I have done as a child all the time, so it really takes me back to that little girl I used to be more than twenty years ago).

First of all – this week’s sketchbook drawings:

A chair, a cup, a table and a person

A chair, a cup, a table and a person

I always try to follow my instinct while finding a “sketching project”, but this week my mind seemed quite blank. When on Wednesday evening I continued reading “The Creative License” by Danny Gregory (he’s here on wordpress, so check him out:)) I did what he proposes on page 22: Before you are “allowed” to continue reading you should draw a cup, a mug, a table and a person. And so I did:)

I know that this book has a lot to teach me and I’m really looking forward to going on reading it. I took Gregory’s advice and replaced the pencil with a pen, trying not to worry about mistakes (which in pencil could be erased) but instead just drew a second line if I didn’t like the first one.

On Friday evening I made another sketch – it was one of these happy moments when you’re feeling warm and snug and comfortable. At that moment I was looking forward to a great meal by a great cook and maybe to capture this moment, to hold on to it, I picked up my sketchbook and drew a small part of my kitchen:

My kitchen - but where has the cook gone? He's just getting some apples ...

My kitchen – but where has the cook gone? He’s just getting some apples …

An insight I had this week: I’m not yet really the sketchBOOK type, I still prefer drawing on loose sheets of paper. I don’t exactly know why – I remember my mum telling me that my primary school teacher had told her to buy me a book for all the imaginative stories I wrote. My mum – probably quite flattered – bought me a book and I used it once – and only once  – and then I returned to writing my stories on loose sheets of paper. I’ll see how this turns out, but I’m still absolutely determined to fill at least one complete book.

Thanks for stopping by;)

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