My ‘studio’


My desk

I think it’s very important to have an inspiring environment.

Here you can see my big, old table (it’s actually a dinner table) and everything I need to draw, paint, write etc.

On the left you can see my sketchbook and my laptop (I’m currently listening to the “Drei Fragezeichen” (The Three Investigators”)). Next to it there are my brand new Rotring Radiographsmy Lukas watercolours and a range of pencils and brushes stored in old mason jars and tins.

In an old shoe box I keep my indian ink (Rohrer&Klingner) and there are also some books like Danny Gregory’s The Creative License“, old magazines (things to draw), old sketchbooks and a book about animals (again – things to draw).

While drawing I always listen to audio books (having a monthly subscription with audible) and so my MP3 player is always close at hand.

The wall is decorated with drawings I made – most of these drawings end up in books like the one behind the water bottle. This one is called “On the Go” because originally I wanted to take it with me as a sketchbook, but I didn’t like the quality of the paper so I started collecting my drawings in it. It’s amazing to see how much my drawings already have developed through the course of last year.

When I compare my current flat to the one I used to have about six or seven years ago, A LOT has changed. When I was a student I didn’t care at all about decorating or giving my flat a personal note – mainly because I always felt like I was on the run.

Today I feel more settled down and I know how important it is to make your home YOUR home.

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