Sadly, on Monday night my little Grisou died.
For a cat he was extremely devoted, he just loved being petted and also fishing in my neighbour’s pond:)
I miss him very much!


4 thoughts on “Grisou

  1. My deepest sympathies. Beautiful art piece. Your kitty looks almost like my Vive – a grey tuxedo cat who passed away 6 years ago at the age of 18. We all loved her a great deal Even today, sometimes I get very sad and miss her terribly. I couldn’t replace her – although I’m sure another cat would have been well loved. I now have a Chihuahua – just turning 3, who surprisingly reminds me of my dear cat – rug rumpling, bringing balls to throw and bringing me stuff to ‘see’. Remember – you had a great friend that you where lucky to have and wouldn’t have missed a second for anything.. Hugs

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! Grisou was just one and a half years old and that also makes it so sad – he was a happy cat:)
      But I’ve got Maddi and Charly and as you say: I had a great friend (who actually helped me getting through a tough breakup with his comforting warm and cuddly body) and even though it’s a commonplace: That’s just how life is – loosing what we love and having to cope with that.

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