My heart sings – My first illustration:)

Lately I’ve been reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and one afternoon – I was sitting in my garden practicing to just BE in the moment without thinking/judging etc. etc. – I heard the song of a bird and the sound went straight into my heart and this made me feel so alive, so joyful, so at peace.

That same evening I was lying in my bed and before my inner eye I saw a bird sitting on a heart, singing. I guess this was one of my first true creative moments, when something appeared from within, from a very different place than my brain. It was not an idea of what to draw next, as I usually have it, but more of a vision kind of thing.

And here’s the result:)

Have a great day!

My heart sings

My heart sings



5 thoughts on “My heart sings – My first illustration:)

  1. I really love your surge of inspiration! How wonderful! Your details are great and I love the colours too. I hope you are inspired to do more. I also received an inspiring image to paint, which I feel compelled to get out of me very soon!! Writing also comes to me in surge waves, compelling me to write. Keep going! 🙂 xx

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