DIY Odd Molly Star Garland – Tutorial (Christmas Stars)

When it’s getting cold outside and the autumn holidays start in Germany I always enjoy drawing and crafting and decorating our flat. When I first saw these stars on Pinterest I thought they must be quite difficult to make – but on the contrary, they are super simple and easy (one takes about 10 minutes).


You’ll need:

  • Fashion catalogues or origami paper (I used Odd Molly catalogues because the paper is strong and matte)
  • Cardboard squares as templates (I used one 15×15 cm ( 6”x 6” ) and 10×10 cm (4”x 4”)- the smallest stars I made were 5×5 cm (2”x 2”))
  • Scissors
  • Glue (the liquid kind)
  • Strong sewing thread

Step 1: Cut out a lot of squares using your templates. For one star you need two squares.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2a: Fold the squares like this (in both directions):

Step 2a

Step 2a

Step 2b: Then fold them diagonally:

Step 2b

Result of Step 2a and 2b – it should be folded like this:

Result Step 2a2b

Result of Step 2a and 2b


Step 3: Make a small dot – with the 15×15 cm (6”x6”) I made the mark roughly at 3cm from the outer edge (1,81”), with the smaller ones (10cmx10cm – 4” x 4”) I made it 2cm from the outer edge (that would be 0,8”).

Step 3


Step 4: Now cut from the outer edges up to your little dots:

Step 4

Step 4

Step 5: And fold the squares like this:

Step 5

Step 5

Step 6a: Put some glue on the left side of the triangles you just folded …

Step 6a

Step 6a

Step 6b: … and put the right side over the glue.

Step 6b

Step 6b

Step 7: Now put dots of glue in the two corners of the triangles (I marked it with a black pen just for you to see because the glue is transparent):

Step 7

Step 7


Step 8: Put two parts of the star together – press for a minute or so:

Step 8

Step 8

And that’s it:)

Result Step 8

If you want to make a garland you need strong sewing thread and a needle – my garland looked like this:


Garland – Made of Odd Molly fashion catalouges

Have a nice autumn:)


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