Windlichter – Paper Lanterns & Etsy???

I love combining art and home decor. When it’s getting darker outside I usually start making my flat cosy by buying all sorts of little lanterns and candles.

This year, I decided to create some myself – drawing with a rapidograph and copics on 160 g/m2 strong, transparent paper:


IMG_20151023_091733IMG_20151022_211419 IMG_20151021_202745 IMG_20151023_132525
















I don’t know why, but making these is much more satisfying than “just” drawing on plain paper. Having a little object that is also “useful” (at least a little bit) makes me happier than a simple drawing. And they make great gifts for friends and family, because you can personalize them by using animals/flowers/other things they like.

I’ve also thought about putting some on Etsy – though I’m not quite sure about it, yet. I had a Dawanda Shop a couple of years ago (when I was still sewing) and even though it was fun (and that was my main reason for doing it – I sold quite a lot, actually, but the incomes more or less just covered my cravings for beautiful (and expensive;)) fabric), it also was quite time consuming (especially when you have a full time job for the “real money”:)).

What I also didn’t like about it was that you had to be informed about all the laws and rules that you need to follow – at least if you want to do it correctly (this might be especially a point in Germany – a lot of US Etsy Shops have very interesting “AGB’s” – was quite funny for me to read).

But having people wanting to buy your little artworks is as satisfying feeling, too – and I might even buy some new copic markes from the money;)

So I’ve opened a shop and put in one paper lantern – the next couple of days I will read all the tax/law/rules stuff again and if I find it worthwhile I might put in some more.

Here’s a link if you want to have a look:

Have a great autumn!


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