My Sketchbook Alternative – Paper Lanterns

Recently creating these little paper lanterns has brought me back to my sketching roots.

I’ve kept a sketchbook for about 2 years (and still have one for collecting ideas that I don’t want to be lost) and I’ve always stuck to the rule of using a fineliner pen, so I won’t be tempted to erase all the time. (I think it was Danny Gregory who taught me that – of course if I wanted to practice drawing with a pencil I did!)

However what I never liked about the sketchbook was that a good drawing was somehow ‘lost’ between the pages until you tore out the page.

A huge part of my love for drawing is decorating my home and the satisfaction of seeing other people’s joy when they receive something you have created.

By drawing on the transparent paper lanterns I still teach myself to draw – but I’ve got a ‘product’ in my hands afterwards which can be a gift for someone later on or which could even be sold.

Here are some of my lanterns:






You can fold them and put a candle in the middle – very cosy:)


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