A New Sketchbook – The Sketchbook Series #8

I’ve got a new sketchbook.

It’s a moleskine watercolour notebook, size 21×13 cm (8,25 x 5″) and I bought it because of that particular size. I often draw in my bed and if the sketchbook is lying on my knees I can’t reach the top of the page comfortably.

When it arrived I felt excited and I immediately wanted to use it – but I thought: No my dear, you still got half of the pages of your old sketchbook left – discipline yourself and finish it before you use the next one.

And I did.

For a day or two …

Then I thought: Okay, just some watercolour samples on the first page … These turned into a sketch on the next page which turned into another sketch which turned into another sketch which turned …

The quality of the paper is so much better and it’s so much better for drawing with a Rapidograph (did anyone notice by the way that I’ve called it “Radiograph” in my older posts? My dad – not knowing much about art but still knowing quite a lot – told me as much on Friday. But – to my excuse – I’ve bought it on Amazon typing in the word “RaDIograph” in the search bar and RaPIDographs appeared).

So: Shame on me for not reading properly and for not restraining myself with the new sketchbook (and also for buying at Amazon.)

But(!): I’m still determined to fill that old sketchbook and because last week I’ve realized that I like the simplicity of black and white drawings I decided that there will be TWO sketchbooks from now on: One strictly for pen/pencil and the other one for pen/pencil/watercolours/acrylics/collage… (maybe it’ll develop into some kind of an art journal).

Here are two pages:

Sketchbook 1:

Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook 2:

Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook 2

By the way: The moleskine was also bought at Amazon – but that was simply because I couldn’t get that size at my local art supplies stores.

Thanks for stopping by:)